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Simes Grain Bin Jacking System

Grain Bin Jacks, Grain Bin Center Poles, Grain Bin Erection Tools.

Simes Grain Bin Jacking SystemWe offer services for Sib's Simes grain bin jacking systems, Anderson Simes jacking systems, Sioux Simes style jacking systems, Koyker Simes style jacking systems, Schorn Simes style grain bin jacking systems, and the new Super Simes style Commercial grain tank jacking system. Bin Jacker Supply is a website to provide Bin Jackers with equipment, tools, education and as much information that is available to us for safe erection of grain bins and commercial tanks. We specialize in the rebuilding and repair of Simes style jacks and center poles. We also have made some positive new improvements and rebuilt jacking systems. We also offer repair services and parts for some other makes and models.

Why Bin Jacker Supply is your best choice.

Large inventory of new and refurbished grain bin jacksBin Jacker Supply has gone the next step in Simes style jacks by making them completely rebuildable and providing an inventory of after-market and refurbished bin jack parts. We also provide training, repairs, and total rebuilding of all Simes style jacks. We have tested the lifting capacity of the products and have had them certified through testing. We have brought the jacks to the standard of meeting current OSHA requirements. All BJS manufactured equipment sold comes with Tom Schorn's 1 year parts and labor warranty backed with manufacturers liability insurance. We are always open to new improved ideas from people who are doing this type work and are willing to help by providing information so we may provide a better product.

Bin Jacker Supply is at your side.

Because the industry demanded a better and safer grain bin jacking system, we not only developed the standard simes jack to be safer but also more user friendly. We also developed a Super Simes jack with more lifting capacity because it was needed. In addition and for safety we offer a one day school for safe operation and maintenance of these grain bin jacking systems. For an extra fee on the larger tanks we have an "on the job training program", to provide proper procedures for operation and construction. We also provide rental services with an equipment operator for construction of grain bins of any size.

Bin Jacker Supply is always developing better jacking equipment.

RC Hydraulic Grain Bin Jacking SystemRecently, RC Hydraulic Systems completed the testing of a new hydraulic jack to meet the demand of the super tanks. The RC Hydraulic Jacks are a heavy duty jacking system that out performs every other jack in the market. They were designed with safety and extreme lifting in mind. We hope the new standard of safety and being OSHA Compliant will be an innovation for the industry.

At Bin Jacker Supply, we constantly strive to keep our costs down without the sacrefice of a higher quality of product. All products are available for purchase or rent. If you have any questions or would like additional pictures of a particular item please contact us or call our office at 605-987-2626.

Bin Jacker Supply has everything you need from parts for grain bin jacks and virtually any brand of grain bin jacks. Have questions or looking for something not listed on the website? Give Tom Schorn a call at 605-321-5028 - if he doesn't have it, he can find it!