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RC Hydraulic Jacks

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RC Hydraulic Systems jack recommended capacity: 30,000 pounds.

Bin Jacker Supply sells and rents RC Hydraulic Systems grain bin jacks.

Bin Jacker Supply is an authorized reseller of the RC Hydraulic Systems grain bin jacks. They are far safer and surpass every other jack on the market. They were designed by veteran bin jackers to be sturdy and reliable. RC Hydraulic Jacks will lift more weight faster than any other jack.

  • Assembled in the USA
  • Touch Screen Controls
  • Precise control of all Jacks
  • 24 Volt DC - Self Contained
  • AC configurations available
  • Operate up to 40 jacks Jacks with one computer
  • 30,000 lb lift capacity
  • No Hoses or Cords during operation
  • Large Cylinder
  • Solidly Anchored
  • Bin Stays round and centered
  • Tremendous Wind Stability
  • 4 3/4'' Sheet Clearance
  • Raises 32'' sheets in 5 minutes
  • Cylinder pivots back when lowering
  • Can be configured to do grain dryers
  • RC Hydraulic jacks come with a full warranty covering parts and labor.
For more information, the RC Hydraulic Jack System has its own website.

RC Hydraulic Commercial Bin Lifting Jack
Bin Jacker Supply has everything you need from parts for grain bin jacks and virtually any brand of grain bin jacks. Have questions or looking for something not listed on the website? Give Tom Schorn a call at 605-321-5028 - if he doesn't have it, he can find it!