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A-Frame Farm Bin Jacks

$950.00 Each

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A-Frame jack recommended capacity: 2,500 pounds, 5,000 pounds with snatch block.

Bin Jacker Supply sells, rents and rebuilds A-Frame jacks.

A - Frame Jacks were designed for smaller farm bins. They are made and assembled in the USA. They are extremely simple, light and affordable. A-Frame bin jacks are perfect for job sites that do not have electricity. Bin Jacker Supply also manufactures Mechanical Center Pole Systems that are the perfect companion to A-Frame bin jacks. Check out our A-Frame Jack photo gallery.

Some of the key features include:

  • Designed to accommodate an optional snatch block for heavier capacity
  • Adjustable kicker leg
  • Front legs allow for anchoring to concrete
  • Kicker leg anchoring rod is attached to frame when not in use
  • Winch mounting platform
  • Grain bin sidewall mounting bracket

BJS A-Frame Jacks are certified by an independent testing facility.

View A-Frame Jack Certification.
View A-Frame Jack with Snatch Block Certification.

Each jack comes complete with an A-frame, wall plate, adjustable rear stake, heavy duty winch and cable. We sell an optional snatch block which is used to increase the jack's lifting capacity. How to properly use a snatch block with an A-Frame bin jack is covered in our construction manuals.

A-Frame Farm Bin Jack
Bin Jacker Supply has everything you need from parts for grain bin jacks and virtually any brand of grain bin jacks. Have questions or looking for something not listed on the website? Give Tom Schorn a call at 605-321-5028 - if he doesn't have it, he can find it!