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Which kind of Simes Grain Bin Jacks do I have?

Super Simes Style Jack - Currently the only 'Simes' style grain bin jack manufactured today.Knowing which kind of Simes jacks you have is important for servicing and / or ordering parts from Bin Jacker Supply. They may look the same on the outside but they can be very different inside. Most jacks are yellow or green but the paint color should never be a definitive identifier on the jacks you own. Below are links to identify all Simes grain bin jacks. If you're still not sure, please contact us.

Bin Jacker Supply has come across what our Master Jack Mechanic calls "hybrid jacks" where parts from more than one kind of Simes grain bin jack has been used to make a single group of jacks. Bin Jacker Supply frowns on selling "hybrid jacks" because it can make it very difficult if you, the owner / operator wants to go up in bin size and increase the number of jacks your company has in service. If you own "hybrid jacks" Bin Jacker Supply will refurbish your jacks to the kind they were supposed to be or will buy your jacks for parts.

How to identify which bin jacks you have.

As of 2014, only Super Simes grain bin jacks are still being manufactured. All other jacks in the marketplace are used or sold as refurbished from Bin Jacker Supply.
Bin Jacker Supply has everything you need from parts for grain bin jacks and virtually any brand of grain bin jacks. Have questions or looking for something not listed on the website? Give Tom Schorn a call at 605-321-5028 - if he doesn't have it, he can find it!