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Grain Bin Jack Maintenance Documents

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  • Silk Lubricants is a registered product
  • Gear-Silk oil for many different drives
  • Hydro-Silk for hydraulic systems
  • Bearing-Silk for grease in bearings
  • Diesel-Silk for Diesel Motor Oil
  • Gas-Silk for Gas Motor Oil
  • Silk-Flush for Oil Purge
My name is Tom Schorn and I have been a grain handling contractor for over 30 years using all types of equipment and techniques to better serve the customer. The quality of oil of Gear-Silk oil is by far the best I have found. It is the ONLY product we will endorse to use with our equipment.

Gear-Silk has a Tak-u-Fier additive in it for two important reasons. The additive helps the oil stick to gears and also allows for oil "stringing". Both of these factors contribute to Gear-Silk keeping the gears cool and providing less wear on all oiled parts. "Dry starts" from extended periods of sitting are also eliminated because of the Gear-Silk properties. This greatly reduces the wear cycle on all working parts.

Oil weight is very important as well. If the oil weight is too heavy, it will have a hard time servicing the bushings and bearings. If the oil weight is to light then it will have a hard time staying with or in the bushings or bearings. In time either one of these will cause bushing or bearing failure.

Gear-Silk oil is rated as an all-season oil and is rated to negative forty degrees. At this temperature it has the consistency of grease. What we have done in the past to overcome this problem is to run the equipment for about ten minutes to get the oil to just liquefy. This will help get the oil back to the lubrication stage for operating the jacks. We have also found that at zero degrees Gear-Silk has the consistency of honey. The oil will act a little stiff but will have enough viscosity after it starts to operate.

I have complete faith that Gear-Silk oil will greatly improve the life of your equipment and lower operating costs for you.

Tom Schorn
Company CEO and Owner

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